It is a well-known fact that the world has become more and more reliant on the digital technology. Since the beginning of the online exchange era in the global market, the demand for online exchange platform has massively increase. Due to the high demand for online exchange platforms, many exchange platforms where created but it came with many problems and people began to question its security, privacy, transparency etc

Although great measures such as symmetric encryption are in place to make all activities in the financial market safe and secure, it is still vulnerable to hacking. Fraudsters, for instance, use phishing tools, phishing attacks to trick unsuspecting users into providing the log-in details of their e-wallets, online accounts and other important assets which they capture and use to access or hack in to the victims' personal and financial information. Inadequate authentication also ails e-payment systems. Even with the superior identity verification measures like biometrics, 2 way authentication, facial recognition, etc, people are still at risk as anyone can still use another person's cards and e-wallets and get away without being caught. These security concerns has make alot of people feel reluctant to participate in the financial market.

All the financial and non-financial transactions and user details are recorded by the payment systems you are using, and stored in their database. This leads to lack of anonymity. Cases of identity theft have raised privacy concerns in online payments. If credit card details are not sent over a secure server, if online transactions are not carried out over a secure Internet connection, if virus protection software or firewalls are not in place, or if data encryption techniques are not used, there is a serious risk of privacy breach. In the absence of proper security measures, sensitive information may be exposed to hackers, leading to illegitimate use of your identity or money.

But the good news is here —; shabushabu finance have not only identified the issues, the requirement, and the demand but have also managed to formulate a profitable solution to the on-going problems. Largo have managed to identify an innovative solution to most of the massively growing global problem of trust and security in the financial market today.

With the development of blockchain technology, Largo decide to change the world of online exchange platforms to make sure that it can undergo significant changes. ShabuShabu finance combines with Blockchain in order to bring full transparency and reliability to all transactions processes in its platform.

Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks (a linked list) built according to certain rules; each next block has a hash of the previous block. ShabuShabu finance combines with Blockchain which has all the best features of fourth generation blockchain with faster consensus, ultra-fast transaction confirmation included. These enables speedily transactions and feedback with maximum security.


Shabushabu finance is a decentralized platform that offers great benefits to its community. It houses no risk as shabushabu finance uses blockchain technology to leverage all transactions carried out on it's website.

Shabushabu finance ecosystem is a dynamic and interactive network which comprises of components that are interdependent and have a mutual beneficial purpose and common goal. Components of shabushabu finance ecosystem interacts in ways that create value for all.

With the development of blockchain technology, shabushabu finance decide to change the world of online platforms to make sure that it can undergo significant changes. It combines with Blockchain in order to bring full transparency and reliability to all process.

Shabushabu finance also houses it own decentralised exchange/vault platform that leverages blockchain technology. This helps both users and traders to carry out transparent analysis and also trade even without any experience. Shabushabu finance decentralised exchange/vault platform allows investors and users to transact directly with each other without a central authority through it p2p (peer-2-peer) trading model in an automated process. It also allows for transactions with almost a zero transaction fee charges applied.

This platform's main goal is to make it decentralized platform the safest, most user-friendly and reliable for providing of Liquidity pools. Some of the innovations put in place to achieve this goal includes and not limited to 24/7 technical support and a strong community with a laser-like focus

Shabushabu finance is a very ambitious blockchain project that will make many investors in the crypto community to keep an eye on. Most of it partnerships will focus on providing ease-of-access and liquidity to the Kobe token. Many companies and investors will bridge the gap between FX and crypto market by partnering with shabushabu finance.


* TRANSPARENCY: The blockchain is an open and distributed ledger. It only allows to record data in an append-only manner, meaning new records can be appended on to a ledger, but old records can’t be tampered with without creating an entirely different ledger. This property allows the ledger to be an easily auditable and solid database that can be trusted by two or more parties without any doubts in its trustworthiness.

* NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED: Shabushabu finance website is easy to use. To be able to perform any transaction in it platform does not require any level of experience or professionalism as it is very simple. All you have to do is to complete registration.

* SECURITY: Blockchain is an essential part of the underlying trust mechanisms in the shabushabu finance ecosystem. There are many participants in the ecosystem and for these to transact with each other in a trusted manner, shabushabu finance combine it project with blockchain technology to enhance trust and maximum security.

* CONVENIENCE: A user can engage in transactions from just anywhere at anytime at shabushabu finance.

* LOWERED TRANSACTIONS COSTS/FEES: Shabushabu finance platform has eliminate the need for a middleman or booker and as such no extra expenses are required to make transactions. It also allows for transactions with almost a zero transaction fee charges applied.

* SPEED: Speed is key and vital as long as technology is concern. Everyone wants their transaction to be carried out in matters of seconds and not ancient ways of hours to carry out transactions.To enhance speed, Shabushabu finance combines with Blockchain technology which has all the best features of fourth generation blockchain with faster consensus, ultra-fast transaction confirmation included. These ensures maximum speed in transactions.


Kobe Token is a ERC20 token that is hosted on the ethereum blockchain. It is use to leverage all transactions on the shabushabu finance ecosystem.

Currently, Kobe token is listed on uniswap, hotbit and LuKuTex Exchange


There is no doubt that shabushabu finance and its ecosystem is making a revolutionary approach and innovation to the needs of both the exchange and crypto markets. An industry which on the whole has been continuously growing. also have significant financial backing, a clear vision and an expert team to help them follow through with their roadmap.



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